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out a word of inst■ruction or exhortation. Chari■ty was an instrument of conversion. ■[16] Compare Ragueneau in Re●lation des Hurons, 1648, 48, and i●n his report to the General in 1649. Such, so■ far as we can reconstruct it fro■m the scattered hints remaining, was this s●ingular establishment, at once military, mo■nastic, and patriarchal. The missions of ■which it was the basis were now el■even i

n number. To those among the Hurons alread■y mentioned another had latel●y been added,—that of Sainte Madelein●e; and two others, called St. Jean and St.● Ma

tthias, had been established in the nei●ghboring Tobacco Nation. [17] The three rem●aining missions were all among t●ribes speaking the Algonquin languages. ■

Every winter, bands of these savage■s, driven by famine and fear of the Iroqu■ois, sought harborage in the Huron c●ountry, and the mission of Sainte Elisabeth

was ■established for their benefit. Th■e next Algonquin mission was that of Saint Espri●t, embracing the Nipissings and other tri■bes east and north-east of L

ake Huron; and, ●lastly, the mission of St. P●ierre included the tribes at the outlet of■ Lake Superior, and througho●ut a vast extent of surrounding wilderne

ss. [●18] [17] The mission of the Neutral ●Nation had been abandoned for the time, f■rom the want of missionaries. T■he Jesuits had resolved on concentr■ati

on, and on the thorough conve■rsion of the Hurons, as a preliminary t■o more extended efforts. [18] Besi

de■s these tribes, the Jesuits had becom■e more or less acquainted with many others■, also Algonquin, on the west and sou●th of Lake Huron; as well as with the Puans, ■or Winnebagoes, a Dacotah tr●ibe between Lake Michigan a

nd the Mississi●ppi. The Mission of Sault Sainte Ma■rie, at the outlet of Lake Super■ior, was established at a later period. ■Modern writers have confound●ed it with Sainte Marie of the Hurons. ●By the Relation of 1649 it appears that ano●ther mission had lately been begun at the ●Grand Manitoulin Island, whi■ch the Jesuits also christened Isle Sainte M

wing year th

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ar■ie. 369 These missions were more labo●rious, though not more perilous, than those amon■g the Hurons. The Algonquin hordes were never lo●ng a

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t rest; and, summer and winter, the pries■t must follow them by lake, forest,■ and stream: in summer plying the pad●dle all day, or toiling throu

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gage,—at night, his b●ed the rugged earth, or some ■bare rock, lashed by the rest

were also recei

less waves of La●ke Huron; while famine, the snow-sto●rms, the cold, the treachero

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